Nightmares came back after a two years absence

I had forgotten what it was like to wake disconcerted and scared for your family. 

But it was just a dream, not a reality. A movie played in my cranium by my subconscious while my body resets itself, each organ system in its turn. 

But for some, their nightmare is their reality. I can’t even imagine. 



I am small. 

In amongst all the matter and Heroes and antiheroes and people and bugs and trees and planets and black holes and empty space of this universe, I am but the smallest of specks. 

God is so big. 

It overwhelms my mind, and all I can do is laugh and be grateful that  He even sees me, let alone wants to know and be known by me. 



creativity strikes


negativity bites


inspiration alights

hearts ignite 


words are spikes

these parasites

that take delight 

in driving flesh and faith to the fight. 

But lo, behold

they give hindsight

which takes us later to unseen heights.

-e.g.h. •••