My Twin 

My bestie was born today, a whole bunch of years ago that she prolly wouldn’t appreciate me sharing, so you’re going to have to wonder how old she really is for ever and ever. Mwahaha. But the number is not what this is about, it’s about the person.

She’s the Jorge to my Zorrina Rodriga Gabriella Gichino. She’s the alpaca to my Deer. The old soul to my child’s heart. The planner to my random. The vintage elegance to my homeless chic. 😉 The Grace to my Gracie. She’s the friend who I’ve probably gone through the most life stuff with, cried with, stayed up waaaaaaaay too late with, gone on adventures with, sat on the kitchen floor spinning plastic cups with late at night, cooked with, stressed with, laughed with, sang with, driven all over the place with, made inside jokes with, and I could go on and on.

What do I love about her?

1. Her smile! And her laugh! It makes me so happy. And the fact that she’s so ridiculously photogenic… Not even funny. And her hairrr… To die for.



2. Her love of beauty. I love listening to her viewpoints on beautiful things, because she notices different things than I do, so it’s really cool to hear the different perspective. ❤

3. Her responsibility and attention to detail. Honestly, she’s one of the most responsible people I’ve ever known, and she’s really good at doing the right thing even when it’s the hard thing, and it’s inspiring. She’s also great at noticing and remembering all the little details that I forget are even there, and takes care of them fabulously.

4. She makes yummy food! So. Freaking. Yummy. Although lately she’s been doing this thing called Make Super Yummy Things When Gracie Is Not Around, and posts pictures of them, and I just sit and drool in my sugar deprived little cave and try to figure out just how fast could I drive over.


5. Her sense of adventure/adrenaline junkie. She likes roller coasters! And driving! And playing volleyball! And roadtrips! And surprising me at work! And tickling me to make me squeak! And she still loves me even  after I accidentally slam my forearm into her face…

6. Her love for her family/friends.

She has one of the coolest relationships with her family that I know of, and she’s veeeerrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy protective of all of her people. She goes out of her way to help/show love to them, and it’s really beautiful.

7. Her loyalty.

8. Her listening ears. She’s always listened to me whenever I’m stressed or needed to rant or just talk things over, and even if she has no idea what to say back to me, or has no idea what I’m talking about, she still always manages to make me feel heard and find some sort of really great advice to give.

9. Her hard working heart. This woman is a machine. I don’t know many other people who work for as hard as she works for as long as she works. She gets stuff done in an efficient and beautiful way. And we normally have fun while we’re working, which is also great. 🙂

10. Her love for old things and crazy hats.

11. Sometimes she doesn’t like my ideas but she goes along with them anyways, and  it normally ends up being hilarious and we get good laughs out of it.

12.She shares her niece! So, a few years ago we decided that we were twins, and actually convinced people of the fact, and then she had a niece! and that niece is the cutest doll ever. And because we’re twins, that makes her niece my niece-ish. So she’s the official aunt and I’m the Auntish. It’s great.

Annual CAMA camp selfies…


Fun fact, I used to be terrified of her when I was little because there’s a couple years age gap between us and so she was one of the “big kids” while I was a “little kid”, but then we both grew up a bit more, and I learned that she was actually really cool.

I could go on and on about all the things I love about her, but I’m going to stop here….

Happiest of birthdays my sweet friend! I’m grateful for your existence and for your friendship, here’s to all the future adventures! 😀 Love you lots and lots. ❤



thought processes 

They’re funny things, and since writing things out helps me think better, I thought that’s what I’ll do. 

My brain functions like a spider web and a notebook. 

A spider web in the sense that when I hear things, I tie them to other things that I’ve heard, and soon I have connections all over the place. I’ll bring in these connections, referencing things, because in my brain it’s all connected. I guess that’s why massage makes a lot of sense to me, because the body is all connected to itself (like your feet problems will show up in your neck and shoulders), and so my brain automatically connects that. So therefore I look for the connections and unwind them to find the problem. 

It’s like a notebook because I remember lots and lots of little things about people and incidents and stuff, and they get stored away until they’re triggered. Apparently when you do that to people it looks stalkerish and creepy, but I’ll notice stuff and remember it for months, but forget that I knew it until it’s triggered. 

Also, intuitive jumps. Those don’t work when you’re doing math. 😛 

Because my brain sees things, and once it gets the direction it’ll jump ahead and skip steps. Which is good in some scenarios, but when it happens in math or in conversations it just gets odd. 

Just thoughts about thoughts that I’ve been having lately and needed to get out. 

more new roads

Two weeks ago, we sat in a movie theater parking lot at 2 in the morning and threw out an idea for a road trip. Two weeks later, we made this wonderful idea happen. We traveled from Marysville, WA all the way down to Crater Lake, Oregon.This was the first road trip we had ever all taken together, out of state, and without the rest of our families. Such excitement.

We crossed bridges, looked at fog, doodled on paper and skin, got coffee and looked at art shops, got soaking wet on a foggy beach.

We found jellyfish drying on the beach (i refrained from touching the mesmerizing globs),I skipped and ran around because the ocean is a beautiful thing and i’m young and alive and for once didn’t get that cold, and a friend adventured with me and made sure I didn’t accidentally die or get swept away.The others held the valuables and got drenched and laughed and wrote in the sand and we walked the wrong way up a stream and jumped over the waves. We wrung salt water out of our socks and poured coffee onto our faces instead of our mouths because the cold numbed our face and hands.

We snuggled up in blankets and drove to the sunshine, booping noses (that kept on happening through the whole two days), taking turns napping and exploring each others music tastes.

We pitched our camp and looked at views off the side of the road (and a llama in a parking lot. I wanted to pet it, but alas, not that day.) Inside jokes were formed, we explored crater lake in the dark (couldn’t see the view, but we could feel it), took personality tests and discussed those, laughed at weirdly named streets, and made a campfire. Later we went out to the stars and there were so. many. My mind was blown a little bit, and we were all giddy and overwhelmed. Stargazing is funny; one moment everyone is completely serious and talking about life and struggles and God and eternity and physics, and the next everyone is madly giggling and mispronouncing words or sleeping.

The next morning was lazy, a yummy breakfast, I journaled, we talked over shared teabags and coffee and looked at the wasps that had found us and a friendly chipmunk.

After the food, we packed up and drove to Crater Lake, and this time there was light so we could see the view, and it was so lovely. I love that God is an artist and also lets us see His work.

Funky colored lichens… 🙂

After thoroughly touring the lake, we drove home. A long ride, but those are my favorites. I’ve always gotten a little sad whenever we reach destinations, because there’s something special about sitting in a metal wheeled box with people for hours at a time, exploring new (or familiar) places and sights and foods and other sensory things. I’d try to describe the ride home more, but it was giggles and sneaking pictures and naps and heads out the window and tickle wars (which resulted in squeaking) and shoulder rubs and listening to new music (I heard Bohemian Rhapsody for the first time) and jeep-beeping, and thinking about it all my heart gets full. Saying goodbye and dropping everyone off was hard, but I’m grateful to have people so great that make good byes so sad.

Photo credit to who it’s due, and I’m not exactly sure who’s is who’s.