Another Christmas.

Another day waking up with a smile to hearing my siblings gasping and squealing at the sheer amount of presents beneath the tree. Waking up to smell bacon and eggs and cinnamon rolls filling the house, stumbling out of bed to sit on the couch in my pajamas, sleepy eyes.

This holiday returns again, with wrapping paper and gifts covering our floor in a mini deluge, everyone reading their new books or playing quietly with their toys, even the grumpy ones (who we still love). Christmas carols and decorations and family and tea and surprises. It’s a beautiful time of year.

Although, there is a sad side to this. The songs can be obnoxious, the people can be rude, maybe people don’t appreciate your efforts outwardly as much as you would like, and having the buildup all coming down to one day which doesn’t meet up to your huge idealistic expectations can be remarkably disappointing. Maybe everyone isn’t happy. Maybe you’re exhausted and just want to go hole up in a cave away from humanity, tinsel, and all things red and green. The christmas depression. I’ve gotten it before too. And do I have a perfect answer for this? No. I don’t.

But, what I have found out, and what I’ve been working on putting into practice, is focusing on other people instead of myself. Because isn’t that what Christmas is supposed to be about? Celebrating Christ’s birth (yes, to all homeschoolers, I know He wasn’t born in December) and instead of seeing what we can get from other people, seeing what we can give to other people.  Once you get your mind off of yourself and focus on serving others, making their day as wonderful as you can, it fills yourself up in a way as well. I love how that works. It feels way better than trying to make your own life as perfect as possible without any regard for anyone else.

anywho, there’s my thought for you today, have a wonderful Christmas.