almost endings and new roads

i have only 21 days until i’m in my last year of “teenagerhood”; 19.

It’s kind of scary in a way to me; I’ve always viewed 19 as that age in between childhood and formal adult-ish hood, and almost all of my friends have had something huge happen in their 19th year. I’m excited and apprehensive at the same time. On new years i sat in my room rereading journals from the past year, breathless to see 2016 and also terrified of entering this new year.  I love new adventures and doing new things, but I’m also scared of that first plunge to do so.

It’ll be good though. I’m excited for this year.


Also, I’ve almost finished my first moleskine journal (journal/notebook #68), and have gotten a new one to start on my birthday. That is of no importance to you readers but is simply a little fact about yours truly. 🙂 I think by writing things down, so then the thoughts are tangible and I can analyze, look at, and interpret them. Plus it’s always lovely to look back at them and see all of the memories and previous thought processes.

Turning back to the title of this post, I drove new roads this month! I got to drive down to Cannon Beach, Oregon for the first time and visit some friends. Between the 3 1/2 hour drive (new roads that I’d never driven before!!), the ocean, meeting new people, visiting with old friends, seeing new places, and the ocean and sky and beautiful Oregon coffee… my soul was quite happy.




My apologizes for the crummy picture quality; my ipod camera is blind and my DSLR is having issues at the moment.





why I love coffee shops

Coffee shops are my haven. I love the way I can be around people, but not actually have to interact with them. I love listening to the chatter of the baristas and customers, watch them all enjoy their drinks. I love the cozy ambience, I love the smells and flavors and smiles. There’s so much writing inspiration in these places. Seriously. And people don’t talk to you, but they’ll still smile and be friendly. Introvert heaven. I can sit and think and write or do homework, and it’s quiet and smells lovely. I like these places.