Day 5 of Lent, and the word is Gratitude.

This is actually a favorite for me, as that is the word that I focused on the most last year. One way that I did so is by making a “Thankful Journal” where I’ve written down little things I’m grateful for, I’m currently at #480.

I’m grateful for…

Hymns. The smell of real leather. Doing new stretches. Sharp scissors. Tide pools. Salt water. Life hacks. Hollandaise sauce. Loyalty, hacky sack, and boundaries. Smiles from a stranger, courtesy waves, people to laugh with, and highlighters.

My piano, green tea in the morning, trials, suishi. Warm hugs, the smell of old books, mugs that fit just right in your hands, cupboards, soap bubbles, hand written letters, and barefoot walking. Learning new things, spending time with my wonderful mother, the feel of soap suds when I’m washing dishes. Freedom, hugs, singing in the car, cool wine glasses, the book of James, God’s timing, and quality poetry.

so so so many things to be grateful for. Reflect on these blessings.