weekend wrap up

this week: well, these past two weeks, as been all about figuring out and getting into a routine. After all the Peru adventures, and figuring out at adjusting work schedules, it’s finally settling down. This week also had some adventures, seeing Dr. Strange and star/cloudgazing with a friend (highly recommend both of those things), cookie baking, election hassle, working, walks and runs with the brothers and family, it’s good to be home. Writing more, which is glorious, having your creativity live again is a great feeling. Lots of thinking and planning and wondering. And snuggles. Sooooooo many snuggles this week, it’s been happy. ❤

goals and to do’s:

-write every day. I’ve been lazy regarding my writing and I miss it.

-meals cooked; for the fam and also some cleaner ones for the clean eaters.

-go on more walks/run with all my siblings, or one on one time

-work! I’ve been bringing poetry prompts to the bakery and people are playing along, so that’s been fun to see.

-cook for Thanksgiving

-see my best friends when they’re all home!

on repeat: 

-forest by 21 pilots. because reasons.

-kitchen sink by 21 pilots. because more reasons, things don’t have the same meaning to everyone, it fascinates me.

a few favorites: 


-quiet Sunday mornings.

-writing letters.

-filling up a notebook.

-southwest chicken poppers. would’ve never guessed that these things are so great…

-worship, in a dark room, with like minded people. fills one’s heart.

-sitting in the shower (the water was off, I just like the acoustics in there) with the ukelele, making things up and thinking.

-septum piercings…. recently I started liking these… maybe someday. 


It’s hard to stumble when you’re down on your knees. -unknown

I don’t know who wrote that lyric, but it’s been on my mind a lot. A lot of falling this week, and noticing the correlation with not praying as much as I had been.  That’s been one of the hard things about coming back from Peru, not falling back into old habits, but keeping the Peru learned habits going.

Anywho, there’s your update, happy friday. friends!


weekend wrap up

This is a new thing that I’m trying in an attempt to trick myself into blogging more regularly, 😉 because I’ll procrastinate on blogging, but when I actually sit down and start, I normally end up coming up with a whole bunch of posts, so I just have to make myself sit down and do it. #queenofprocrastination. Who knows if this will actually be interesting or not, I apologize if it bores you, but it’s breaking up my writers block, so hey. Better than nothing. 🙂

this week: My older brother came home on leave for a week! He’s in the army, stationed in Fort Carson, CO, so it’s always happy to have him back . When he got here I was working, so he and mom stopped by the bakery and surprised me. 🙂 That was a happy day. Always surprise people at work, it makes days 1000x’s better. I’ve also been getting tips at the bakery, and as someone who’s never had a job that tips, it’s a beautiful thing! Always tip people. That also makes days 1000x’s better. Apart from work, it was a pretty peaceful week, lots of time either at home or schlepping siblings all over the place. We have two football players playing for two different schools, 5 kids going to two different schools on three different days, plus Awana and church and my Peru prep and shopping… Lots of driving. But I really like driving, so it’s good. Two of my friends are leaving/have left for different states this week for various reasons, stargazing goodbye parties happened…I really really hate goodbyes. I’m grateful for technology, because we can all still stay in touch super easily, but not having the option of just being able to go see them whenever is sad.


goals and to do’s: 

  • start and finish packing for Peru
  • keep writing, in my notebooks and on here
  • get the couch moved out of my room
  • get meals cooked for the fam
  • write letters to people
  • going on a seattle adventure with an old friend!
  • go on runs with the sibs

a few favorites:

  • daily mixes on spotify! They now have a feature where they take what you listen to, sort it into genres, and mix your music with other songs that they think you’ll like.
  • The weather has been getting all fallish and moody, lots of late night and early morning rain, and the air is chilly now. Sitting in bed beneath warm blankets listening to the rain, in the dark , with cold air so you have to be all snuggled up, is one of my all time favorite things.

a few facts:

  • I color songs in my head, quite a few of my playlists are organized by what color I feel they fit… Idk if anyone else does that, but sometimes music and moods feel like colors to me.
  • turns out two of my siblings have the same personality type as me, and when they get depressed the best way to fix it is with lots of snuggles.
  • I have a really hard time watching violent movies, always have, but especially after massage school. #1. because I was made as an empathetic little person with a pretty great imagination, so I can almost physically feel the pain I’m “watching” (I know it’s fake, but that really doesn’t change much for me if I’m into the movie). It’s odd and Idk quite how to explain it… It’s like sympathy pain. #2. because massage school taught me so much about the body, it’s art and my job is to fix it, so when I’m watching it get “beat up” it’s painful. Like watching lovely architecture get broken down.

on repeat: ‘ophelia’ by the lumineers, it’s such a perfect fall song.. so happy yet also kind of melancholy, it’s murky purple and deep yellow to me. Working on getting a piano version made, and I got the ukulele chords going.

quote: To make living itself an art, that is the goal -Henry Miller. These words speak to me, make everything art, do it intentionally and to glorify God. It’s convicting and something I’m working on.

And that’s a bit of my life this week! that turned out a lot longer than I expected it to, and this was a quiet week… Huh. That’s happy 🙂 I hope you all have a lovely rest of your saturday. ❤