why I love coffee shops

Coffee shops are my haven. I love the way I can be around people, but not actually have to interact with them. I love listening to the chatter of the baristas and customers, watch them all enjoy their drinks. I love the cozy ambience, I love the smells and flavors and smiles. There’s so much writing inspiration in these places. Seriously. And people don’t talk to you, but they’ll still smile and be friendly. Introvert heaven. I can sit and think and write or do homework, and it’s quiet and smells lovely. I like these places.  



memory // day 2

Something I wrote a looong time ago…

And So I Simply Smile  

     Sometimes I think you think, that I don’t know just how you feel,

As inside you are dancing to the beat of your own reel.

You dance near to the edge, flitting close out to the brink,

Saying that you are restless and from the Roamers cup you drink.

Then you look at me and say I’ve surely never felt this way, but you’re wrong dear, for I have, and so I simply smile.

I know the suffocation as time tick tick ticks away,

The urge to dance your heart out, to burn away the gray. 

To run until your legs fail, sing the colors of sunrise

As passion to move and run and dance boils deep in your brown eyes.

I know these feelings well dear, I’ve felt them for awhile

You’re wrong when you say I don’t feel, and so I simply smile.


writing challenge // day 1

As I’ve been going through college, I’m finding that my creativity has been dying. There is so much homework and things to memorize that I’m having trouble making time for my writing or art. But I found a writing challenge the other day, I’m I’m going to use this for my creativity outlet whenever I get time. And so, onward. 

Day 1, what is your favorite color and why? 


It’s a calming color. It’s the sky and the sea, which are two of my favorite things. It reminds me of hugs and late night talks and stargazing and puddle jumping and long walks by the beach and jumping into the river on a hot day. It’s an optimistic, serene color. But it’s double sided, because it can also be a depressed and somber color. It’s a color of sadness, mourning, reflection, a light heart, a heavy one. A calm and pure color. Tranquility. Blue has many meanings and depths. I love it so.